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Persian gene raazman | Medical and laboratory equipment
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Medical and laboratory equipment

Medical is a new approach to healthcare, in which, by identifying individual genetic features and molecular variations in the disease, the most effective treatment for each patient is selected and implemented according to her inheritance.

In other words, personal medicine is a relatively new method in which, by knowing the exact relationship between genes, proteins and disease in each person’s body, the best treatment for the disease is selected and implemented in the same person.

The general concept of personal medicine in the treatment of diseases can be based on four main pillars as follows:

  • Appropriate medication
  • For the right person
  • With the right dose
  • At the right time

Personal medical care is important for patients, health workers, health plan planners, employers, insurers, as well as governments and legal entities.

Recent advances in biotechnology, which have made it possible to sequenze human DNA genes more easily, can be considered as one of the key drivers of personal healthcare enthusiasts’ acceptance.

In a personalized medical approach, with tests that are requested for the patient, any abnormality is clearly from a definite point of view, at a specific time, and only in the same patient with specific hereditary characteristics.

On the other hand, examining the sequence of genes in the DNA molecule gives us a wide range of information about the probability of developing various diseases not only in the person under investigation but also in his family members.

Genome sequencing is important in understanding the diversity between different human societies, and it allows physicians to choose the best treatment in each target group, according to the inherited characteristics. The tests used in the diagnostic medical department of the individual are very different from existing laboratory diagnostic methods, require new equipment, and ultimately new opportunities for research, design and production New drugs and patient management treatment are available to us.

In addition to the material mentioned above, we are dealing with a high volume of complex data in a personal medical method that should be stored as digital information and quickly processed when needed. For this reason, in the personal medical technique, in addition to the laboratory diagnostic tools and equipment mentioned above, computer equipment, powerful information banks and efficient human resources are considered as infrastructural requirements.