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Persian gene raazman | PGR
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specialist group of vivo next

Persian Gene Raazman company (specialist group of vivo next), in line with its active presence globally, in addition to its commitment to professional ethics, international rules and standards, and the observance of scientific principles, with relying on the knowledge, innovation and expertise of its employees and use the views of the medical community, is a supportive tool for employees, stakeholders and all domestic and foreign consumers…


Activities in the field of health, consumption, supply and transfer of technology and medical supplies, business and production.

Message from managing director

In the current era, organizations compete with each other to take advantage of the opportunities and take steps towards positive and constructive changes. One of the most important goals of the commercial-production company of Persian Gene Raazman (vivo next specialist group) is to surpass the time in line with the stated goals in order to promote the health field and safety issues by helping from the science and experience of the experts of this group. Far from exaggeration, we always believe that with the developmental strategies under the supervision of a professional and dynamic team, we will provide the satisfaction of the entire target group.

Good luck

Mehrnaz Ajorloo – Managing Director